Ministry Board  
Area Commander Glenda Davis, Major
Corps Officer Kevin Metcalf, Major
Corps Officer Loriann Metcalf, Major
Corps Sergeant Major
Director of Pastoral Care Julia Wilson
Director of Program John Lam
Director of Business Administration Alan Bolam

Pastoral Care Council  
Director Julia Wilson
Corps Officer Major Loriann Metcalf
Outreach Coordinator Liisa Contardo
Youth Pastor Ryan Law
Congregational Visitor Heather Moyle
Appointed Major Marion Venables
Appointed Major Roberta Dalrymple
Appointed Karen Butler
Appointed Perron Goodyear
Appointed Marty Holmes

Program Council  
Director John Lam
Songsters Jane Lam
Band John Lam
Women's Ministries Mary Goodsall
Appointed Kevin Wilson
Appointed Major Earle Birt

Business Administration Council  
Director Alan Bolam
Corps Officer Major Kevin Metcalf
Corps Sergeant Major
Corps Treasurer Alan Bolam
Property Manager
Appointed John Aguilar
Appointed Bob Boyd
Appointed Don Blay